The Secret Apartment at the Eiffel Tower

Did You know that is a Secret Apartament at the Eiffel Tower?

The Apartament was designed by Gustave Eiffel as a private space for himself to entertain notable guests and perform scientific experiments. The apartment was the lowest of a series of platforms that reached the uppermost sections of the tower, which Eiffel used for atmospheric and astronomical experiments. It’s generally referred to as the secret apartment, but it was fairly well-known to the public that Eiffel had this space.

After word got out that Eiffel had a private abode at the summit of the tower, the space became the envy of the Paris elite. Eiffel received myriad offers to rent out the space for large sums of money, but he refused them all. He only invited select members of the scientific community into the space, the most notable of which was Thomas Edison, who gifted Eiffel a sound recording device.

It’s telling that Eiffel located his private apartment directly above the public observation deck. It’s an interesting clash of uses; at one level, you have a space open to the public, which allows individuals to experience the thrill of viewing the city from above. Directly above this is a private residence for a single individual who restricted access to a small group of notable guests from the scientific community. Eiffel was using verticality to assert his dominance over the public, but his motivations for doing so remain unclear.

The apartment remains an intriguing curiosity atop the tallest building in the world,  has since been restored, and visitors to the observation deck can view it through a glass divider, complete with wax mannequins of Eiffel, Edison, and Eiffel’s daughter.


Real Estate Investing in Albania

Real Estate Investing in Albania

Albania is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreign investors, particularly in the real estate sector. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage and rapidly developing infrastructure, it’s no surprise that the country is becoming a prime destination for those seeking to invest in real estate. The country is also becoming a popular destination and attracting more tourists in recent years, leading to an increase in demand for vacation homes and rental properties. With its low cost of living, stunning scenery and friendly locals, Albania is an attractive option for those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Albania

Our country offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities, from luxury beachfront villas to city centre apartments. The country’s rapidly developing infrastructure is making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate, with a growing number of international developers and investors taking advantage of the country’s attractive investment opportunities.

In addition, the country is home to a number of international banks and financial institutions, making it easy for foreign investors to access the capital they need to invest in real estate. The Albanian government has also passed a number of laws and regulations to protect foreign investors, making it a safe and secure investment destination.Our country has a relatively undeveloped real estate market, with many opportunities for new construction and redevelopment. This presents opportunities for investors to build or renovate properties to meet the growing demand.

However, it’s important to conduct thorough research before investing in real estate in Albania. It’s also recommended to work with local professionals, such as real estate agents,  who can provide guidance and support throughout the investment process.

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Written By Broker Ardi Ymaj

3 Reasons Your Property Isn’t Selling

Many brokers and sellers work the equation of selling backward. They start at the desired sales price and work in reverse to ensure the home is marketed and presented properly to achieve that price.The lead-up to going on the market is all focused on one goal: selling.  While this approach typically works, sellers with homes that are lingering on the market longer than the average time on market for their local area may be wondering what’s wrong. if your home is not selling, it is for one of three reasons. One, there is a product problem; two, there is a market problem; or three, there is a price problem.

Product Problems

A product problem means something about the home is a turn-off for buyers. Examples include units needing a total renovation where any potential purchase requires significantly more time, money, and energy before moving in. Generally, most sellers know if they have a product problem. Hopefully, many sellers knew this when buying in the first place, so it’s not a surprise now.

The solution, unsurprisingly, is a price adjustment. Sellers with problematic homes need to drop their price to a level where even buyers who would normally not be interested start to run their own mental calculations to see how much of a deal it could be.

Market Problems

A market problem means there is something off about the market itself. A more typical example is today. After a massive surge in sales, the markets have contracted back to lower-than-typical seasonal levels. For sellers, this means fewer buyers and more competition. To mitigate this issue, sellers must stay on top of the real-time trends in their local area to ensure they stand out despite market movements.

Price Problems

A price problem is a nice way of saying your price is wrong. And in real estate, prices are only wrong one way: they’re too high.

In fact, most problems eventually funnel their way into a price problem. Whether it’s a first-floor unit with brick wall views or a park-view penthouse asking peak prices, the core issue is the price is too high. While some luxury sellers may have the advantage of waiting for their price, the net issue for all sellers with extended days on market is overpricing.

In short: The more the market changes, the more it stays the same. When it comes time to sell, do your homework, figure out which problems you may be facing and price it right the first time to avoid problems down the road.


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5 Tips to Buy a Luxury Home.

5 Tips to Buy a Luxury Home.

Buying a luxury home means searching for “Creme De la Creme” of homes in an exclusive and elite area. The impressive architecture, beautiful scenery,space and organisation, luxurious furniture, this characteristics makes a luxury home.Buying a luxury home can truly provide a wonderful living environment for years to come but you need to be careful about the choices you make and whether it is the right one.Below we give you some tips or advice when deciding to buy a luxury home.

1. Collaborate with the right Realtor with experience in selling luxury homes.

The first thing to do is: Work with the right realtor. The right realtor not only knows luxury real estate properties, but he / she knows the area and properties you are interested in better than anyone else.It will also be ready to show you properties that are not listed or advertised due to customer confidentiality.The right real estate agent is experienced and has shown good results in the luxury real estate market!”Past performance really matters!”Collaboration, confidentiality, customer relationships are what qualifies you as a right real estate agent and all of these features save you ‘time and money’ in the right way.


2. Be clear and know what you want before looking for a home.

You need to have a plan in your head and an idea of ​​how to search the house. Your home should be a good fit for you and your family and it should be for a long time. Ask yourself:What assures me of the quality of life I’m looking for?Which property will be best for my family and me?Which suits my tastes and those of my family?

3. A picture is worth 1000 words.

No matter how beautiful the photos of a property’s website are you really can’t get a feel for the luxury home unless you go there yourself. The best idea would be to go to the property more than once and why not, at different times of the day.Also as mentioned above don’t just look for properties that are listed online, some clients remain confidential and only the right agents have listed those properties.

4. Home inspection.

If you liked one of the houses you were introduced to, of course it needs an expert inspection.Luxury properties are differentiated from others for the features mentioned above: space, architecture, furniture, appliances etc. and for the latter it would be good to have an inspection of their maintenance and condition.But not only these but the property is well worth checking for mold, walls, common spaces etc.

5. Before buying a luxury home, think about the resale value of that property.

Even though you are at a stage where you should only think about choosing the right luxury property for your tastes, remember to think about the future as well. There may come a time for you to consider selling that property and buying another.The design you have chosen now may in the future not be liked by the buyer who will come to buy this property and the monetary value is low. Don’t risk buying the largest and most beautiful house in the area you are looking for.

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