A Swedish Castle, Once A Medieval Power Center, Comes To Market

A Swedish Castle, Once A Medieval Power Center, Comes To Market

Standing at the crossroads of epic transformations–from politics and science to war and finance–Herrevad Castle is a rare example of a medieval power center once coveted by popes and kings.

With remarkable influence spanning two Scandinavian countries, the 28-room castle and a manor house with six large apartments and attic rooms, was recently brought to market after 16 years of ownership. The 21.6-hectare property (53 acres) is located in Sweden’s southern Scania County.

“You cannot live in all 12,000 square meters (130,000 square feet),” says retired owner Steen Damkjaer, who is selling the property precisely because of its enormous size–optimal for a business venture, not a bachelor pad.

The property, which during its four-century heyday had become one of the largest and wealthiest monastic houses in Denmark, heralds baked-in historical branding. That starts with its founding in 1144 as Denmark’s first Cistercian monastery (Scania was formerly part of the Kingdom of Denmark).

The property is the only privately owned abbey in Scandinavia, according to Damkjaer, and is a member of the European Charter of Cistercian Abbeys and Sites Association.The listing is offered as two sites that can be purchased together or individually: the two-story manor house and its 1.6-hectare spread (about four acres) or the three-story castle (built out from the original abbey) and attendant buildings sited on 20 hectares (about 50 acres). The latter property includes a chapel, granary, three substantial log homes and converted military buildings.

The property and surrounding lands have places to fish, kayak and hike. An airfield and golf courses are nearby.

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