Real Estate Facts Across The World

1. There is a town in Germany built over a meteor

A town in Germany named Nördlingen was built over a meteor that is said to be over 15-million-year-old. An asteroid hit the town over a thousand years ago, but the locals started building a town on the remaining crater far from being pressured to leave. The town is over 1,100 years old.

2. Red doors are symbolic in Scotland

In Scotland, there is a common custom of painting your door red whenever you pay off your mortgage. It’s safe to say that Red is their happy color…

3. Hollywood Was Originally a Real Estate Promotion

the original intent of the sign was to promote the sale of homes and property.

According to the L.A. Times in 1923, the area would provide “… a clean, healthful atmosphere and beautiful outlook of the (Hollywood) Hills.”

4. Russia Sold Alaska to the U.S. for $.02 per Acre

The United States bought the 375 million acres we now call Alaska from Russia in 1876 for $7.2 million, or about $126.5 million in today’s market. Though the Alaska Purchase Treaty certainly provided some upside to Russia at the time, the U.S. has come out a huge financial winner in the deal thanks to the massive oil deposits discovered in the 49th state in 1967

5. 1 in 10 Americans Sell Their Home Due to Paranormal Activity

Many people stated that they thought their house was haunted before they bought it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a gift for the supernatural. State disclosure laws may require that agents disclose spirit residents and hauntings to potential buyers.

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