Negotitation in Real Estate

Negotiation in real estate is a long process, full of surprises in its whirlwind so stunning but at the same time so dark. Your psychic mentality must keep and endure as long as the process goes as smoothly as possible. There is nothing worse than investing your time and energy thinking that agreement will be very simple and quick. It becomes even more frustrating when at the end of the failed process you realise that the problem lies in the flexibility you offer, in the relationship you create, the buyer will not rise to his offer and the seller does not move towards his value. There is nothing more chaotic than now, it seems like you can’t do anything, you are just useless in this process. I call this moment “Standoff”. The stalemate on this road is dark and chaotic, it is where possible agreements plunge deep into the ocean. Agents may lose potential customers and customers may lose their dream home.
But this path does not mean that it is without a way out, there is a solution and the solution is the practice intertwined with the experience seasoned in such cases, which leads to an unblocking. Negotiation has nothing to do with forcing people to see things your way and do whatever you want them to do. Talk, focus and perceive the situation leading to what your customers are looking for. I have encountered many “unfinished roads” but I have always looked at the light on that unfinished road, and I never thought I was useless in this process but I thought I was the solution, I am the gateway to this the process, (another day I will write an article about my personal experiences of the “headless road” type)
Never forget that you are working with people, you are not working with apartments and land – you are working with human complexity. It is not always the numbers that make him happy, push the numbers aside and focus on him, the most special creature on the planet. He is coming to that table with different experiences, emotions, failures, paranoia and expectations. What motivates them? What drives them to this act?

Coping with the headless situation is divided into three stages: Price and price only, Pressure, Stability.

– Price and only Price,

A while ago I told you to postpone the numbers aside and focus on him, why?
Because in this process someone will lose and win, this is indisputable, the question is can you minimize in the minimum values ​​this loss or victory?
It is necessary to understand what price the buyer and the seller represent, both parties have their problems, outstanding loans, business and family problems, etc. The price set for both parties will be the price that represents them in this process, and this is achieved by you and not by them.

– Pressure

No one will be lost in this process and that is clear. Pressure is what will bring them to the ground, the wide range of your information to the market and their penetration into their human consciousness will affect possible confusion, this is the culmination of mediation, pressure can and will lead to a possible catastrophe. this process but can also orient it towards an agreement offered. Delicacy in this process is at the highest possible level. The buyer must buy it as soon as possible before the buyer is high and the seller must systematically recall the current market situation, sales references and the unpredictable direction that the market can take.

– Stability

This is the moment when the market statistics bombard the seller, it is when you constantly remind him of the current situation, let the information sink deep into his mind. Recall the positives of this agreement, buyers should be reminded that this is the investment and choice of what has required so far as well as vice versa.

Mediation is a long process, and full of different situations, the mediator should be a package that offers liquidity in the process and not a rotten pig.

You will soon realise that this “Standoff” is just one part of this negotiation. Mediation is an art, it is a craft that not everyone is lucky enough to learn, control and use. It is that you can urinate and anticipate the process, leaving the pain and frustration of dead deals behind you forever.

Ardi Ymaj



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