About us

Company History

Exclusive Properties is building the first Exclusive Luxurious Real Estate Platform pairing with the highest level of marketing technology, to give the Albanian market what has been missed all these years.

Founded in August 2018, by the name Exclusive Properties with founders Ardi Ymaj and Lorigela Beleshi at the helm, Exclusive Properties is led by a team of experienced innovators. These proven pioneers across technology, real estate, marketing, and finance are solving real estate’s most complex challenges.

Ardi Ymaj an experienced realtor specially in “Bllok Region” known for his exclusivity when it comes to his elite clients and high-profile properties portfolio, he believes that exclusivity is what differs the world in Real Estate Business. Lorigela Beleshi has been always the strongest key of real estate behind the scenes, giving real estate another level when it comes to marketing, business strategist and technology mixing these three powerful innovations to bring the best out of it.


What can make real estate greater than this?

One of the best Realtors in the market with one of the best Chief Operating Officer, giving real estate different angle, focusing on the most exclusive luxurious properties with the biggest closed deals ever in just a short period.
We are a real estate company with a purpose and our mission is to be the best on what we do.

We value the relationship with the clients, we’re not a start to end work, we look further than that, after the process of sale or rent we keep track again of the property, we are every step with you, providing you information about different zones of Tirana and statistics about rent and sales.

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