Investing on Real Estate!


Investing in Real Estate? Some of The Mistakes Investors Make:

Real Estate Investment is both Profitable and Risky. To invest properly some market practices, need to be analyzed. Speed ​​and accusations are what sometimes penalize investors.

Below we have written some of the major mistakes that investors make when investing in the purchase of various properties.

  1. Choosing the wrong agent!

If you are looking to invest in luxury and large properties you should work with a broker who has experience and knowledge in this specific property market. If you are looking to invest in small apartments, you should work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate broker.

In many cases the opposite happens, investors work with brokers who have different experience and knowledge than what is required and in such cases the investment is considered risky and not profitable.

  1. Not doing the right strategy and analysis of what you want to invest in!

Sometimes the investor is not clear about categorizing himself: Do you want to invest in the long run? Or do you want to invest in the short term?

If you are looking to buy a property that you rent for years, then invest by buying long-term investment property. If you are looking for a property that you get for a short period of time, the best investment is to buy the property at a very good price and adjust that property to sell it at a higher rate.

  1. Don’t think long about what they’re investing in!

In most cases, when looking at a property with a discount price, they take it directly without thinking about the consequences and carefully studying it as a property. But that property may have problems with renting, problems with the price of the area and just how many other problems can be encountered along the way.

  1. Over-investment in Property!

Some investors after buying a property, mainly apartments, try to furnish it with luxury and expensive furniture. They do this only for one fact: If the furniture is expensive it will be thought that the rent of the apartment will be high. But how can an apartment price be high in an area when rental prices are low?

This would ensure that the property purchased and furnished with expensive furniture would not be rented properly. It would certainly be considered a lost investment.

  1. Trying to analyze and process the property investment only!

Many times, investors try to complete the entire investment process of their property. Starting from property selection, short- or long-term investment, borrowing etc.

This from our experience in real estate is difficult to accomplish alone. It can be realized but the investment will be useless because who better than an experienced broker in that market knows property, area, prices.

Our advice is to work with a specific group that includes: Broker, Architect, Bank Representative, Legal Expert.

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