The Comeback – Covid-19

We are witnessing this critical moment in our daily lives, this unknown enemy has made us aware of how small we are before any achievement we can be proud of in our lives. This is a test for big corporations, businesses, systems and people to understand that the more you hit the ground, the more you have to recover. Life is unpredictable and that makes it even more beautiful, more attractive, more mysterious and more unique. This is the right time for any person not to hesitate in terms of achieving their dreams, their investments, their successful steps and everything else that may have held them hostage so far.

Real estate at the moment is the real mirror to understand if our invisible enemy is creating a market crisis. But this crisis occurs if you yourself allow the penetration of this phenomenon in our societies. The start of 2020 came with mourning from “November 2019” with a natural disaster that hit our country and recently we are being hit by socio-economic-financial damage in our country as a result of this unknown enemy that is nothing but a straightforward push courage, bravery and determination to move forward.

Buldings under construction are the first to feel indifference from potential buyers. Foreign investment is also in turmoil as a result of the measures taken by our state in the last month, as the fact of the socio-economic crisis in their country is not excluded. Domestic investors can focus on properties that are having difficulty repaying loans as a result of declining leasing power to the market, so properties may require “opportunity” type savings!

Banks may have experienced a workflow during this period, but not the flow they would like to have. The credit sector may have declined for two simple reasons:

1. The consequence of risk, non-repayment of the loan as a result of the economic crisis that gripped the country and led to the closure of the market for nearly 40 days.

2. People who want the situation to calm down and then make other investments.

Lease Sector

The crisis has been for both categories, the lease has not been in circulation and has led to non-payment of rent, while the rent has not had liquidity in its investment field.

Patience and Focus are the sworn enemies of the crises that have faced not only our country but the entire globe and only these two can clarify the turbulent reality we are in at the moment!

Ready, Set, Go!


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