Buying a Penthouse?

Buying a Penthouse ??

The positive and negative things of this choice! 🧐

When time comes to buy an apartment, the Penthouse will always be a great choice. Perfectly positioned on the top floor of a multi-storey building, it is often regarded as a mercy to contemporary and luxurious living.

Imagine owning an apartment that has a great view, that has many rooms, that you can have a pool, a games room, a gym, etc.

But what we want to tell you is that if you have decided to buy an apartment and have a considerable amount of money at your disposal, it would be better to buy a Penthouse or buy two apartments and rent one (consider as an investment)?

Positive Reasons to Buy a Penthouse:

* Spectacular views
Let’s face it, Buying a penthouse is about the look it offers all day long. If the penthouse building is taller in that area, you will experience some of the most beautiful sights in the city starting from the setting sun, a relaxing afternoon, a cool and clear morning.

* You are calmer
If you buy a Penthouse you will surely have the tranquility, seclusion, sheer intimacy and a better night’s sleep. Noises of children, dog barking will not be heard. You can even have your own private elevator.

* Better organization

Penthouse has a much better setup than other apartments. The spaces are bigger, you have more rooms, you have a large veranda and the use of the environment is better.

* Ability to expand upward.

If the building is with regular ownership documentation, and has a development permit from the municipality, the possibility of building an upper floor or adding a room is much greater than having a normal apartment.

Negative reasons for not buying a Penthouse

* Penthouse Premium

When you buy a Penthouse it should be taken into account that it is like “Premium” which means, the price will be more expensive than an apartment but it will also be luxury.

* Mobility

Let’s not expect that to happen, but in an emergency residing in the Penthouse is a little risky because it will be very difficult and you will lose time to go down the emergency stairs, or take the stairs when you the elevator does not work.

* More exposed to the weather

As the Penthouse is located above any other apartment it will be more exposed to heat or cold at certain times of the year. Penthouse is also more susceptible to leaks or other problems.

* Outdoor space

If you are planning to have plants, flowers in the outer space, it is important to know the changing temperatures depending on the high levels, this will bring a lot of difficulty in growing the plants.

After reading the points the choice is up to you. Penthouse is a great choice for people seeking luxury, intimacy and tranquility in their lives.

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