What does it mean to work with the right Broker to buy a property?

What does it mean to work with the right Broker to buy a property?

By the time the certificate comes out in the buyer’s name, it seems that the process is impossible, but when the process ends you stop for a moment and you think: “I’m very lucky to have worked with a real estate agent”

Not only have i have not been stressed about finding the property, communicating with the seller, documentation procedure, but am I making the right choice or not?

The procedures are simpler than you think, the feeling of fear will be at its lowest level and it will not be felt at all. Although many real estate agencies have recently been added in Albania, selling and brokering is an innate ability, and not every broker knows to negotiate a property.

Buyers still have a sense of fear from both intermediaries and state institutions and do not yet realise that the right broker is the one who gives the most assurance and professionalism!

Being a professional in negotiation means:

  • It is he / she who finds the property according to your requirements.
  • It is he / she who is not in a hurry after closing a contract, but is waiting for the right property and the right choice.
  • It is he / she who facilitates the selection procedures.
  • It is he / she who communicates professionally and seriously.
  • It is he / she who achieves the best deal of negotiation.
  • It is he / she who follows every process of work until the documentation is released on the buyer’s behalf.
  • He / she is always there when you need information about the property.

Do not rush into the process of closing a contract: Work with the right, professional brokers to get what you’ve wished for a long time 👏🏻👍🏻


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